What is Google Safe Browsing and What SEO Need to Know About It?
February 10, 2015
Safe Browsing

Safe Browsing is a service provided by Google to all major Web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and many more in order to identify unsafe websites that contain malware, phishing and other harmful viruses. It also notifies users and website owners by providing the details about harmful website along with warnings so that they can protect themselves from any harm. Google is actually interpreting and intercepting every packet of data that’s going over your internet line through Safe Browsing. This way Google is encouraging safer web security practices to create web a secure and better place.

Today More than 1 billion people use this technology worldwide. Because Google Safe Browsing is ON by default in all famous browsers. It helps millions of people every week and protects them by showing warnings when they browse a website that would steal their personal information without their permission or download software that can control their computers.

Now you might have a lot of questions about Google safe browsing. You can read the FAQ’s here.

What SEO Need to know about Safe Browsing?

If you are an expert in SEO then you already know that Google use User Experience/Interaction data as ranking factors within their algorithm. These factors include:

  • Organic Click through Rate for a Keyword
  • Organic Click through Rate of Overall website.
  • Bounce Rate of Organic Visitors
  • of Pages Users Visiting
  • Direct Traffic: The more direct traffic a website receives the more people knows about that website and it is considered as a trusted/Brand ranking factor.
  • Repeat Traffic: The more returning visitors a website receives the more trusted it is considered.
  • How long User Spend on a Page when come from Google
  • Bookmarks: if user bookmarks a webpage then Google consider that page a helpful content and give it boost when ranking that page. The more a page gets bookmarked the more higher it ranks.

Now you might be thinking that how Google track all these factors? The answer is Safe Browsing. Yes I am telling it again it’s Google Safe Browsing. I came to find this out through this post. We used to think that Google track these data through Google Analytics and Google Chrome but what about all those users who don’t use Chrome and those who don’t have installed Google Analytics on their website. Google can still track the user interaction within a website through safe browsing. If you used to believe that Google use Google Analytics data within their ranking signals than you are wrong.

Why Google need to track User Interaction within a Website:

User behaviour tracking

When Search engine were born there were not much ranking factors. There was only Meta tags, Search engines used Meta tags relevancy to rank pages. Then they went for all content of the webpage the quantity of the keywords within content and the length of the content. Then they go for quality, in quality they actually look for freshness. Then they went for links the more links you have the higher you rank then they went for quality of links. This is where anchor text play role the more keywords relevant anchor text links you have the more higher you rank. So SEO became the game of Content and links along with its quality and quantity. The Black hat SEO start manipulating search engines using these factors because they were so easy to game. Then Google launch Panda and Penguin to stop SEO’s from manipulating their search engines. All those websites who were using content and links factors to game Google got hit very badly. This is where the need of User Experience or Interaction signals comes. Because User related signals cannot be gamed or manipulated by SEO so easily and through this Google can easily see whether a website or webpage satisfying its users need. If a user is not satisfied with a result then Google will automatically push that website down to the 1 or 2 page or maybe more down. So these days ranking on first position is not enough you also have to make sure that users who are visiting your website through Google actually get what they are looking for don’t let them go back to search result again because if they go back and choose another website that actually give them what they actually need then you will come down and that website will go up and will take your position.

Google is working hard to make sure that its users get what they are actually looking for so as an SEO we should also work hard to make sure that our search visitors gets what they come to find out on our website. If we keep Search users happy Google will keep us happy by keeping our websites on top positions for our relevant searches.

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